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Disinfection in High Demand

Updated: Jan 19

Throughout Covid Steri-Clean offices throughout the country were inundated with calls for service for disinfection. Calls for service ranged from cars and homes to Huge government facilities and construction sites. Despite almost all other service types halting for several months, almost every franchise recorded record sales. One office in the northeast was granted a multi million dollar contract which entailed cleaning and sanitizing 180 busses twice every day.

There are many other types of bacteria and viruses we commonly are called to help with. These include C-Diff, MRSA, Norovirus, and even some animal diseases like Parvo. Steri-Clean is known as experts in infection control and disinfection services.

Man in hazmat suit applies disinfectant inside of a bus
Steri-Clean technician uses an electrostatic gun to apply an EPA registered disinfectant during a Covid Outbreak at a retirement community

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