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Training for Franchisees

Cory Chalmers is the most widely recoginzed hoarding and biohazard expert in the industry. The training you will recieve is the best available to afford you the best opportunity to succeed. Mr. Chalmers is a highly sought after public speaker and trainer on both hoarding and biohazard and has trained dozens of companies across the nation. He is a regular speaker at nationwide conferences and seminars. If you are ready to be your own boss and think the crime scnee cleanup and hoarding industry is a good fit for you, you have found the right place. Our extensive training program is outlined below.

Building The Foundation

The training begins with several days of classroom training on all aspects of Steri-Clean. We will take an in depth look of all services offered by Steri-Clean and detail how each service is performed. We take the time to cover every aspect of our business from answering the initial contact from a customer, how to properly clean any type of situation and how to collect payment. There is nothing left uncovered in this extensive training. Cases studies will also be reviewed utilizing photos, work orders, and recorded phone coversations with clients. Our goal is to provide you and your team with a solid educational foundation to begin working the day our training program ends.

Personal Protective Equipment

The most important part of your job is to keep you and your employees safe. Our PPE training module covers all aspects of personal safety. We cover the different types of respiratory protection, head and face protection, disposable suits, safety gloves including puncture resistant gloves and much more. We want our franchises safe and take every opportunity to instill safe practices in all of our operations.

Tools of the Trade

Tools play an important role in most of our services. This is not a simple mop and bucket cleaning company. Our tool training familiarizes you with all of the tools of the trade, how they are used and all safety guidlines for their use. We spend time cutting acutal lumber just as if you were inside of a home or structure that was severely affected with biohazard. This section also discusses building construction so you are aware of what portions of floors, walls and ceiling can safely be removed and which cannot.

Mock Crime Scene Cleanup

Once you have completed our classroom portion of the training program, it is time to get dirty. Steri-Clean will provide you with hands on training in our training room where animal blood will be presented just like a real death scene. Here you will properly Don an Doff your personal protective equipment and be trained in the proper removal of blood and biohazard from different surfaces. You will also have the opportunity to respond on actual biohazard cleanups with our crew while you are at our facility if you so desire.

Field Training...For Real!

Once you have learned the basics on the classroom and in the mock crime scene training room, you will advance to the field. We are fortunate enough to have multiple jobs every day, and our franchise trainees will have the benefit of working alongside our own biohazard technicians to learn firsthand the different scopes of work they will encounter in their own territories. From simple blood spills to complicated decompositions like this one pictured here, where the body leaked from a top story apartment into the unit below. Our training is in depth and comprehensive, assuring you are ready to tackle any size jobs! Don’t settle for reading a training book, or taking an online course. With our two decades of experience, you will be instantly up to speed on how to run your business, help thousands of people, and make a great living doing it!

Vehicle Selection

Remember every little detail counts. When selecting the proper vehicles, what should you look for? We will outline the specific roles your vans play every day and what you should look for. We will also discuss advertising vs. unmarked vehicles for customer discretion. Let our 2 decades of experience help you select the right tools for the trade, and your vehicles are no exception.

Customized Equipment

Want to not only stand out from the rest but increase profits, provide for additional safety, and reduce the time on scene? After almost 2 decades, Steri-Clean has developed specialized systems that will provide you with the most efffective cleaning techniques. You can always purchase a franchise from a mom and pop, but when you join the Steri-Clean team, you are on an entirely different playing field.


Marketing is the key to growing your franchise. Most people don’t understand the HUGE potential when it comes to marketing and tracking your marketing efforts. There are endless avenues to advertise your business and we will help you with what has proven to be truly successful and not just throwing money in the wrong direction. Our marketing team are dedicated to making your franchise successful and we will provide you with all the tools necessary to hit the ground running.

We Help You Open!

When you have completed your incredible training in California, you are ready to open but we don’t stop there! Our staff will send a representative to your location for one week for any assistance needs that you may have. This can entail setting up your office, assisting with your grand opening marketing plan, or going to estimates and/or jobs to make sure everything is said and done correctly. We also provide you with an additional 5 days at your location for any needs throughout the year. This is a team effort and we want you to be the best you can be. Steri-Clean takes great pride in its brand and will be by your side every step of the way. Our ongoing support is key to making the Steri-Clean brand everything we have built it up to be. Join the Steri-Clean team today!

Message frome Cory Chalmers

Hello prospective franchise owners. I want to tell you a little about how I got to where I am today. I started this company while working as a paramedic and seeing the grief stricken family members left to deal with the overwhelming task of cleaning up the remains of their loved ones. I was unable to accept that there was no help available for them and refused to see another family left with the traumatizing chore.

in 1995 I opened Crime Scene Steri-Clean out of my garage and it has since grown to a multi million dollar company because of dedication and hard work by me and my team. 4 years ago, I retired 15 years early from the fire department after realizing that this is where my passioin lied. I now am focused on educating as many people on both hoarding and biohazards and to provide the same caring, compassionate, professional service that we offer in California, all across the United States.

If you are a person that loves to help others, wants the opportunity to have your own financial freedom and feel great every day, then we are a good fit. I encourage anyone interested in the Steri-Clean franchise to reach out to me dirctly at (800) 291-1498 ext. 111. I am a very open and honest person and would love to hear from you and answer any further questions you have.

Cory Chalmers
Steri-Clean Inc.



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