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CEO, Cory Chalmers, Awarded 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year!

Ready for an AMAZING career change?

Too many businesses are only interested in one thing, money! While a Steri-Clean franchise does in fact do that extremely well, the real purpose we started this business nearly two decades ago was truly to help poeple. If you are someone that likes to help people and make an incredible living doing it, then please read on as we may just be a perfect match!

Steri-Clean is more than just a simple crime scene cleanup franchise. When you join the Steri-Clean family, you are getting two well known companies in one. Steri-Clean specializes in crime scene clean up as well as hoarding clean up, so not only are you getting the power of the Steri-Clean name, but the nationally recognized Hoarders.com as well!  President/CEO, Cory Chalmers has made both divisions of Steri-Clean well known throughout the world. While crime scene cleanup is big business, so is hoarding cleanup, and Mr. Chalmers key role in helping create the Emmy nominated “Hoarders” TV show as well as being a regular star on the show has helped make Steri-Clean and 1-800-HOARDERS recognized around the globe! Why would you settle for a no name crime scene cleanup franchise when you could own a Steri-Clean and HOARDERS.com franchise and have instant name recognition for two different services? Both divisions will offer you more potential income while providing more work for your employees, and still helping people in need! Read through our site to find out more about how to become a Steri-Clean franchisee and how the benefit of joining the most respected company in the nation will help you grow!


Crime Scene Cleanup Franchise

Crime Scene Cleanup Division

Crime Scene Steri-Clean is known as THE BIOHAZARD INDUSTRY LEADER. President and CEO, Cory Chalmers, has been leading the biohazard industry since it was born. As a national speaker, trainer, and industry expert, you are buying more than just a franchise, you are buying into the most trusted company in the nation. Since 1995Crime Scene Steri-Clean has proven to be THE crime scene cleanup company to go to when faced with any biohazard situation. Our Crime Scene Clean up franchises are a great way to step into this business with a brand and a company that is already recognized and highly respected.

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Hoarding Cleanup Divsion

With Steri-Clean, you also get to use the nationally recognized HOARDERS.com logo and impossible to forget 1-800-HOARDERS phone number! Hoarding is big business, affecting nearly 5% of our nations population! Steri-Clean President and CEO, Cory Chalmers is well known across the United States as as Hoarding Expert and made HOARDERS.com popular with his key role in the creation of, and his regular appearances on the A&E Emmy nominated TV series “Hoarders”. Mr. Chalmers is also a highly sought after public speaker for conferences and seminars. Hoarding clean up services can double your business and provide you additional income. More importantly, you will again be providing an incredibly rewarding service for you and your customers!

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Once you have looked through this site, click on the logo links above to go to our websites and learn more about us and what we stand for. There is no comparison when it comes to Steri-Clean and other companies out there. There is a reason that we hold such a high reputation and perform so many jobs each year. Cities, counties, police and fire departments, coroners, management companies, insurance companies, hotels and the general public have grown to trust in Steri-Clean and the service we stand behind 100%.



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Steri-Clean started as a garage based business utilizing his family mini van for cleaning biohazard scenes in Southern California. During the first year of operation, they began receiving calls to clean hoarders homes as well. Mr. Chalmers saw a huge opportunity to help even more people. Through dedication, hard work and determination over the past 2 decades, Steri-Clean has grown into a large corporation covering thousands of square miles and responding to over 1,000 jobs each year in California alone.



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Crime Scene Cleanup Franchises are difficult to find. This site will help you understand how our franchise system is unlike any other. Steri-Clean truly is the leader in the Crime Scene Clean Up Industry!

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