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About Steri-Clean, Inc.®
Crime Scene Cleanup Franchise

Steri-Clean Inc.® - More Than Just a Clean Up Company

A successful Crime Scene Cleanup Franchise is only successful if its franchisees are! As one of the first Crime Scene Cleanup companies in the nation, Steri-Clean Inc.®'s services are NOT just about cleaning. Our priority is our customers and their well-being through a tragedy. We can never erase the events that brought us there, but we can erase the physical reminder of the events that occurred. Our services are performed in order to restore the scene back to normal as much as possible. It is often that we play the role of support for our customers as well. Steri-Clean Inc.® employees and franchise owners need to understand how to properly interact with grieving families and know how to communicate with someone that has been through something horrific. Our company motto, “Restoring Homes and Lives”® is our firm belief that we are there to do so much more than just cleaning. Steri-Clean Inc. receives so many thank you letters, emails, and phone calls from clients and that means more than anything to us. To take the time to write us a thank you, when they have been through so much, speaks volumes about what we are really doing when we provide our services.

Steri-Clean Inc.® in the News

Steri-Clean is regularly focused on TV shows and news stations. We are commonly reported about in newspapers, magazines, and on the internet. We are often asked to write stories and articles for magazines as well. Below you will find an assortment of some of the featured videos and stories focusing on Steri-Clean and our President/CEO, Cory Chalmers. We are the industry leader and the world knows it!

Cory Chalmers CEO.png

Franchise Update!

CEO Cory Chalmers was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award! This is quite an honor and accomplishment, but none of it would be possible without his amazing staff. The team is what makes success, not an individual, and Steri-Clean Inc. has some incredible team members. Way to go…us!

Numerous articles and news stories covered Steri-Clean Inc. franchises this year including multiple for our Seattle office, Steri-Clean St. Louis, Steri-Clean Columbia, Steri-Clean Dallas,  Steri-Clean Ohio, Rancho Cucamonga, and Steri-Clean New Jersey.

We are expanding our corporate staff regularly which now includes 15+ staff members. Our call center is also expanding as we look to hire an additional call taker to assist the others in answering upwards of 20,000+ calls we receive for our franchises annually.

We have added several new franchises this year to increase our service coverage area to 40 states. We have several new franchises still in the pipeline going through the qualification process. Only the best will open a Steri-Clean Inc. Crime Scene Cleanup Franchise! Do you have what it takes to join the elite?

What Our Customers Say

Our Mission

It is the mission and goal of Steri-Clean Inc. to always be mindful of the human element and to maintain our sense of, and for, humanity in everything we do. We are here to serve whether it is in a time of need, crisis, or duress.

A Time of Need

"The cleanup of our garage and several rooms in our home was done by an incredible crew of hardworking and skilled technicians from Steri-Clean. They were unfazed by the tasks they confronted and were extremely sensitive to what things I wanted to locate and keep. An irreplaceable 170 page handwritten autobiography written by my father in law was found by Frank right at the end of the cleanup. I was emotionally exhausted and wanted to just toss an old duffle bag he brought out of the garage. He gently offered to help me sort it and he found this treasure in a torn paper bag. This is just an example of how positive this experience was."

Joey, Homeowner

Our Mission

Compassionate Care

"Crime Scene Steri-Clean were amazing! Losing a loved one is never easy but when you have to have an area cleaned due to bio-hazardous materials at the same time, it can be very overwhelming. We contacted another company that came up on Google and they quoted us $30,000. We didn't know what to do as we could not afford that. We kept doing research and came across Steri-Clean.  From the first call, they were nothing but nice and helpful. They not only quoted us a much lower amount, they also came that day, did an amazing job and even provided a cleaning certificate for us. I highly recommend Steri-Clean for any cleaning needs."

Martha, Homeowner


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