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Why You Should Franchise With Steri-Clean Inc.?

You are making a huge decision right now. Should I Franchise? Should I start with my own crime scene cleaning company? Which franchise is right for me? What are the benefits of one over another?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself before starting in any direction. The answer should be very clear before you make your final decision. So why do we know that Steri-Clean Inc. is the best answer? Look how we stand out over all other companies in our industry!

Ask around in the industry. Ask specifically about company names, owner reputations, and brand recognition. Those are three huge factors when making this choice.


What is the franchisor going to do, to drive you, customers? Do they have a proven history of delivering solid leads and customers to you, or are you left to do that all on your own?

Without doing any marketing themselves, our franchisees are given anywhere from 10 to 70 customer leads a month from corporate marketing efforts! We don’t see any other franchises in the marketplace providing anything even close if anything at all.



How does a customer remember you from all the others out there? Sure, you, yourself need to make an amazing impression, but what can your corporate franchisor do to help? The right marketing is crucial to help you stand out; Steri-Clean Inc. has done just that.

Steri-Clean Inc. has been featured on dozens of television shows, including our CEO’s role on the Emmy-nominated “Hoarders” TV Series where he has been the featured host/expert on 75+ episodes, and they are still filming new shows! Steri-Clean Inc. has also been featured on The Today Show (twice), Good Morning America, World News with Diane Sawyer, Discovery Channel, CNN, 20/20, KCAL, CBS, and many more! We have also been featured in national publications such as Newsweek, MSN, Yahoo, Ozy, Chicago Sun-Times, Wired, Portland Tribune and many more.

Our marketing team creates custom marketing assets for all of our franchisees so they can spend their money on other areas of their business. Our social media managers create thousands of customized and unique marketing assets for our franchises to simply copy and paste into Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our Marketing team also creates commercials for television and social media covering all of our services. We have marketing packets you can leave with your customers so they can compare Steri-Clean Inc. to any other company to prove why our services are superior.  

Steri-Clean Inc.'s proven track record over the past 27+ years is like no other. We have won multiple awards and have a well-respected name across the nation. Combine that with your own local marketing efforts; there is no limit to your potential success story!


The® logo has been a huge marketing win for us. We are delivering a simple-to-remember website to millions of people that are watching this show specifically. This isn’t a commercial where we hope to target a few people that might be interested. Instead, we are targeting people that are definitely interested in exactly this service, and we are being shown as THE industry experts for one to two full hours!

As a bonus, how easy is it to remember, and our phone number 1-800- HOARDERS? Each franchisee gets a bank of 10 phone extensions tied to all of our phone numbers, so marketing is a breeze… For example; just call 1-800-HOARDERS and enter your extensions! Other franchises are left to do their own marketing and find their own phone number. We also provide several local numbers for our franchisees as well.

Call Center 

A 24-hour call center is a must for any busy business, especially in the beginning. Our professional and knowledgeable customer service team answers all calls, collects the important caller information, and transfers it directly over to the proper franchise. We encourage all of our franchises to answer their calls and speak to their customers without delay, but that isn’t always possible. In the beginning, our franchise owners will probably be wearing many hats including, estimator, cleaner, marketer, accounting, HR, and owner. You may not have time to answer the phone 100% of the time. You can’t miss calls these days, as customers will go right down the list and keep calling until a company answers. Your Steri-Clean Inc. call center makes certain you never miss a call. And the best part? Ou system is designed to follow you in your active new career. We program our phone system to ring any number of locations, and in the order you want, office, cell phone, home phone, even your mother’s, brothers or spouse’s phone if you want!

Proprietary Software on the Web and a Mobile App

Steri-Clean Inc. prides itself on being innovative and keeping up with the latest technology both in the field and in the office. Our CleanNet system delivers each franchise with customer solutions like no other in the industry. CleanNet keeps your customers, and your calendar organized, up to date, and gives you data like many of the CRM programs out there, but customizable! We are now expanding CleanNet with a $300,000 upgrade making it ready to use in the field. That’s right, no more paperwork, and every portable device connects remotely to our server, so your information is updated from the field in real-time! This includes photos, job forms, billing, estimates, and even customer payments.


The best companies are the best because they are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced. Because you are a new company, you can’t have knowledge, skill, and experience on your own and it will show. Learn from our over a quarter century of experience in our in-depth, highly sought-after training program. You will benefit from our unique mixture of training styles including lectures, PowerPoints, facility tours, mock crime scene room training, and real-life hands-on training. Our corporate office typically responds to anywhere from 20 to 40 jobs per week, and you will experience as many of those as we can squeeze you into while you are here. Nobody else can give you this full range of training in one location, nobody! Plus you get ten additional onsite days of training back at your facility in the first six months if you need it. We are here to help you succeed, and failure is not an option with Steri-Clean Inc.!

So, let’s just go over these highlights once more.

1) Largest, protected territories in the industry! Minimum of 1,000,000 people in each territory!
2) Steri-Clean Inc. leads the industry for national television exposure on multiple television shows

2) Corporate marketing with simple domain names and easy to remember phone numbers

3) 24 Hour call center staffed by knowledgeable Steri-Clean Inc. trained employees, not an outsourced  service

4) Shared phone system with follow me functions and personal extensions

5) CleanNet proprietary software, CRM, calendar, and field App for digital job forms, estimating on scene, paperwork, billing, photo taking and storage, and payments with an instant connection to the server

6) Industry-leading training mixing classroom, mock training, and live hands-on training at one of the busiest offices in the nation.


We encourage you to compare us, because there is only one leader in this industry, and we have proven why, time and time again. Success is waiting for you!

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