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What Does My Investment Include?

As a Steri-Clean franchise, you will be able to utilize three of the most recognized and respected names in the industry, Steri-Clean®, Crime Scene Steri-Clean® and®. All three brands, Steri-Clean,  Crime Scene Steri-Clean and are known nationwide as the industry leaders and are trusted vendors by many agencies, both public and private. By joining the Steri-Clean family, you are joining the elite. This may seem like just a sales pitch, but make some calls to any companies in the industry and mention our name. You will soon realize that we are highly reputable and very well recognized as the best. We stand behind our company and our services and we expect the same of our franchise owners. If you just want a little side business with little responsibility, this is not for you. If you want to be part of something huge, something you can feel great about each and every day, continue reading. Don’t just join some company that nobody has ever heard of, spend thousands of dollars and expect to make millions. Do your homework, make phone calls and let us know if you are truly interested in changing your life. We are the best and are looking for the best. If you are that person, let us show you how to be a huge success!

Each territory is divided up to provide you with the best possible results. As a franchise owner, your territory will contain a minimum of 1,000,000 population and often much more which is way above most franchise territories. What does this mean exactly? Your territory is just that, yours. No other franchise can operate in your territory without your permission. Most restoration companies operate with only 50,000 households meaning you get a lot more with Steri-Clean. Take this opportunity to market your franchise to every entity imaginable. If you think of every residential home, apartment building, hotel, police department, fire department, mortuary, coroner, insurance company, and business in your territory the possible business is endless. Your success will rely on your ability to get out there and make contacts in your territory. Combined with our nationwide sales and marketing, you have a powerful force to drive in new and repeat business.

To purchase a Steri-Clean franchise, the cost starts at $40,000 for your first territory depending on the population size. If you decide to purchase additional territories, the cost is reduced by 50% for each additional territory. As a new franchisee, you will need to invest a minimum of $90,000 which includes the purchase price plus, vehicles, supplies, insurance, licenses, employees payroll, office/warehouse space lease,  and office equipment. When you factor in brand recognition with the use of Steri-Clean and, this is an incredible opportunity as we have already built brand recognition!  And we already have job leads throughout the country, plus national contracts!

Cory Chalmers, President, and CEO speaks at conferences all over the country and drives hundreds of leads each month from his national websites! Franchises in California will have the benefit of acquiring an existing book of business as we downsize our offices and provide you with our current company-owned territories.

Existing California territories currently owned and operated by corporate will cost an additional $35,000 to $1,500,000.00 depending on which territory you desire and the current amount of sales we produce annually in that territory. What are the benefits of purchasing one of our existing markets? Proven sales record! Contact us today to inquire about a new territory outside of California or an existing company-owned territory for more information.

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