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How Much Does A Crime Scene Cleanup Franchise Cost?

The most common question we are asked is how much does a crime scene cleanup franchise cost. Wile this is extremely important, when considering the purchase of a Crime Scene Cleanup Franchise, it's crucial to weigh various factors beyond just the cost. While the financial investment is undoubtedly significant, there are other key considerations that should take precedence.

Here's a comprehensive list of vital factors to contemplate when contemplating the acquisition of a crime scene cleanup franchise:

  1. Franchisor's Experience:

  • Assess how long the franchisor has been in the industry.

  • Investigate their track record in operating a crime scene cleanup business before venturing into franchising.

  • Determine the overall success of their previous ventures.

  1. National Contracts:

  • Inquire about existing national contracts held by the franchisor.

  • Evaluate if these contracts could benefit your specific territory.

  1. Call Volume and Leads:

  • Understand the availability of call volume and leads within the territory you're interested in.

  • Determine if the franchisor has established a robust presence in your target market.

  1. Training Program:

  • Scrutinize the crime scene cleanup franchise training program.

  • Identify the instructors' qualifications and their experience in the field.

  1. Additional Services:

  • Explore what additional services are included in the franchise package.

  • Assess the potential for diversifying your business offerings.

  1. Franchise Support:

  • Support is critical for franchisees from the corporate level.

  • Is there a team at the corporate office to support you?

  • Do they oversee other franchise models or just this company? Some other crime scene cleanup franchises have been bought out by private equity firms who know nothing about the crime scene cleanup industry. So, who is going to be supporting you and helping you with cleaning/technical questions?

Beyond the Franchise Fee: How Much Does a Crime Scene Cleanup Franchise Cost?

It's imperative to recognize that the franchise fee is just the tip of the iceberg. The minimum investment for a new Steri-Clean franchisee is typically around $90,000. This comprehensive figure encompasses various elements such as:

  1. Franchise Purchase Price:

  • The core cost of acquiring the franchise rights and territory(ies).

  1. Vehicles:

  • Essential for mobilizing your crime scene cleanup team and equipment.

  1. Supplies:

  • Necessary chemicals, tools and equipment for conducting efficient and thorough cleanup operations.

  1. Insurance:

  • Coverage to protect against unforeseen liabilities and risks.

  1. Licenses:

  • Meeting legal requirements and obtaining necessary permits.

  1. Employee Payroll:

  • Budgeting for the skilled workforce crucial for the success of your operations.

  1. Office/Warehouse Space Lease:

  • Providing a central hub for administrative tasks and equipment storage.

  1. Office Equipment:

  • Essential tools for effective communication and operational management.

  1. Training:

  • The required and necessary classroom, hands on training, and certifications to effectively operate a crime scene cleanup franchise business.

Benefits Beyond the Numbers:

While the financial investment is substantial, Steri-Clean's Crime Scene Cleanup Franchise offers an array of benefits that contribute to its overall appeal. These include access to existing job leads nationwide, secured national contracts with huge corporations, and the active involvement of President and CEO Cory Chalmers in driving leads through national websites and his role as host and expert on the Emmy nominated hit TV show Hoarders.


In the realm of crime scene cleanup, understanding the cost of a franchise goes beyond the mere numbers. It involves a comprehensive evaluation of the franchise's offerings, support systems, and potential returns on investment. Aspiring entrepreneurs in this field must carefully weigh the financial commitment against the benefits offered by the chosen franchise, ensuring a well-informed decision on the path to building a successful and impactful business. BLOG: How much does a crime scene cleanup franchise cost?

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