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Steri-Clean Manages 20,000 Books Upstairs in Hoarded Home

Steri-Clean franchises encounter numerous challenges, particularly in the realm of Hoarding Cleanup where logistics play a pivotal role, often surpassing the complexities faced in Crime Scene Cleanup scenarios.

One striking instance unfolded in a Wisconsin residence, where our Steri-Clean Franchise confronted the daunting task of removing over 30 tons of debris. A staggering 20,000 books, predominantly concentrated on the second floor, contributed significantly to this weight. The gravity of the situation (pun intended) became evident as several basement floor joists succumbed to the immense load, prompting the immediate need for structural reinforcement. Utilizing hydraulic jacks, our team temporarily braced the floor joists, ensuring the safety of the home before initiating the cleanup process.

In a strategic move, debris chutes were strategically installed at second-floor windows. This served a dual purpose – ensuring the safety of our employees by eliminating the need for manual transportation of thousands of books down stairs and significantly expediting the cleanup timeline.

The books gracefully descended the chute to awaiting crews, who efficiently packaged them into plastic storage totes. What emerged as a noteworthy outcome was the decision to sell all the books to a local used bookstore. This not only contributed to the responsible disposal of the items but also facilitated our client in offsetting the cost of our services. This successful transaction exemplifies the broader impact Steri-Clean franchises have on their communities, going beyond mere cleaning to offer comprehensive solutions that benefit both clients and local businesses.

Steri-Clean Franchise in Wisconsin prepares to tackle and extreme book hoard (bibliomania) on the second floor of this home
Book Hoarder on Second Floor

Steri-Clean crews get ready to slide thousands of books down a debris chute at a severe level 5 hoarding home
Steri-Clean Chicago Franchise Owner Tony Moser

Steri-Clean crews secure a debris chute from a second story window to a 40 yard roll off to safely and quickly remove thousands of books from the second floor
Hoarding Debris Chute - Steri-Clean Wisconsin

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