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Steri-Clean Obtains Contract With Largest Hotel Chain!

CEO Cory Chalmers worked closely for over 18 months with the largest hotel chain in the world to obtain an exclusive nationwide cleaning contract. But, this is not the type of contract you would think it would be from a biohazard company. Steri-Clean is now aligned with over 20 hotel and motel chains to assist their housekeeping to maintain the cleanest guest rooms and common areas like lobbies and dining areas! With specialized tools and equipment, Steri-Clean crews move beds and furniture to clean behind and under them, wash down walls, and even search common hiding spots in rooms where needles and other drug paraphernalia are often stashed. This assures not only an extremely clean room, but a safe room for both hotel staff and guests. One hotel in Maryland, the Steri-Clean deep cleaning crew discovered drug paraphernalia including, needles, pipes, and actual drugs in 75% of the rooms they cleaned! This contract brings HUGE opportunities to Steri-Clean franchises and allows them direct access to the hotel owners and managers through regular meetings and trainings. The future is very bright for Steri-Clean as their national footprint and recognition continues to grow rapidly!

To learn more about Steri-Clean's hotel deep cleaning services, check out our service page here,

5 Steri-Clean cleaning technicians deep clean a hotel dining area
Steri-Clean Crime Scene Cleanup Franchise Gains National Hotel Chain Contract!

Several men and women on the Steri-Clean cleaning team are in a circle inside a hotel room discussing the cleanup plan
Steri-Clean Seattle has a team meeting before starting to clean an entire hotels guest rooms and common areas

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